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MykonosTour / Mykonos hotels / Omiros Hotel Mykonos Greece

Omiros Hotel Mykonos Greece

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Omiros Hotel Mykonos Greece

Location: Mykonos hotels on Tagoo
Class: Hotel
Telephone: +302289023328

Omiros Hotel Mykonos Greece

Welcome to Omiros hotel in Mykonos Island. If you are looking for losing your mind in sparkling sea-waves then you are on the right direction. All the shades of  solar red are marching every evening from our white body-shaped  terraces. Hopes, desires,and dreams arise as the chariot of the night pulls the blue horizon away,  giving place to the bright stars which tremble over one of the most famous islands in the world.
Come and take a deep dive in nature"s hug. Feel the breeze, listen to the seagulls, follow the harmony of the wooden fishing boats as they enter the harbor. At the end you will be the prisoner of the remembrance of a floating island  as it  gently vanishes in the promising night. And the desire for more...

Omiros hotel  Facilities & Services

Omiros hotel is owned by a family which has set a strong mark in the touristic evolution of Mykonos island. The owner with his wife are the makers of the famous Mykonos bar while in the late "70s they made another 2 well-known places. One was called Whichway bar and now is very well-known as Caprice and the Baboula"s bar which lately was transformed in Semeli bar. After living on the edge for more than 10 years they decided to continue working in a more quiet and friendly way. So the first thing we promise after all these years of experience, in the first line of tourism is a big,warm,welcome smile!
The 2nd thing we guarantee is unforgettable sunsets in front of our hand-made bar accompanied by drinks and unique music which we are sure you are going to ask for a copy.
The main terrace is available for everybody 24hours long, while the reception with the free internet corner,the small library and the big tv screen is available all day and night except the very late hours.
Also free transportation from/to port or airport is available.
But most of all, the thing that you want miss here is unstoppable advice including all the best-kept little secrets of the island, such as hidden beaches and small family restaurants which really worth their money..



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MykonosTour Hotel ID: 93

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