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MykonosTour / Mykonos News / International Breathworker and presenter 23rd - 24th February 2008

International Breathworker and presenter 23rd - 24th February 2008

International Breathworker and presenter 23rd - 24th February 2008

We  Proudly promote


 YOU are invited to learn more about releasing deep core stuck emotions and clear hidden subconscious blocks!

Presented by

International Breathworker and presenter


The Emotional Clearing Workshop takes place once a year around the world personally led by John. This is a two day (all day Saturday 23RD and Sunday 24TH February 2008 in Athens for the first time) life-improving event. You will learn how to work with uncomfortable feelings on the path to higher consciousness and will be empowered to achieve deep emotional integration, clearing, and growth.


Feel stuck or need to ask questions of John himself, this is your chance. What you can expect from the workshop:

• An approach to understanding and validating your real feelings and how to use them for emotional and spiritual growth.
• How to prevent negative feelings from contaminating your life and relationships.
• A highly pragmatic self-therapy system that will enable you to release trapped, negative feelings on your own.
• Simple methods for enhancing emotional release, including unique Breathwork technique.
• Powerful experiential sessions to show you how to apply these principles and to initiate deep transformational releases.
• An opportunity to interact with John.


The capacity for feeling and managing emotions is of utmost importance. Emotions are our connection to life; without them we are stale, hollow, and cut off from true fulfilment, but when they get out of control, we experience distress and discouragement.

Self-blocking occurs on the emotional level, not the mental or intellectual level. The emotional level is where we are most unconscious. People who have achieved self-acceptance and emotional mastery have developed the capacity for feeling deeply, without resistance, whatever is happening in their inner life. Most of us do not do this but block feelings from entering consciousness, resulting in emotional imbalance and confusion.

there is a possible solution to EVERY problem.


Come to this workshop to explore your thoughts and emotions. Learn how to TRANSFORM your life. This workshop will explore deep unconscious core beliefs and values. It will be experiential and facilitated in a safe, fun and nurturing environment!

Make the first step by clicking FORM BELOW to make a booking or phone +30 6972 559936.

Dates: 23rd & 24th February 2008

Times: 10am-6pm (for both days)

Venue: "SAMADHI" - 21, Philadelphia Ls str. - Ymettos.

Investment: 225 EURO  (early bird - by February 10th - after 10/02/08, 275 E ).

There will be two group Breathwork sessions, 1 on each day

To book: phone Matoula Piscopani or USE THE FORM

MykonosTour Page ID: 472

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