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MykonosTour / Mykonos News / 1 day group Breath work mini workshop on Delos Greece

1 day group Breath work mini workshop on Delos Greece

1 day group Breath work mini workshop on Delos Greece

Join us on a wonderful 1 day group Breath work mini workshop on the ancient island of DELOS-GREECE

 With International Breathworker John Stamoulos

As well as Greece ΄s Breath worker  Matoula Piscopani

 Sunday 20th July 2008

Breathing for Relaxation and   Wellbeing 

A word form John Stamoulos 

The first time I visited Delos in 2005 I had this strong thought that I wanted to bring a group there to do an open eye Breath session on top of this amazing mountain. A few months later I did and we had an extraordinary experience- Delos has an amazing history and auspicious energy- an amazing place to really do some clearing and releasing, I am so looking forward to coming back there and I look forward to meeting you!

Course 1 day Breath work intensive-island of Delos- GREECE

Location Delos has always been a sacred island through the human history and the centre of the Mediterranean Sea and the ancient world.

Originally, it was the place of worship for Goddess Artemis and later for God Apollo, the twin sister and brother of the Moon and the Sun.

Scientifically, is proved that Delos vibrates on a high energy magnetic field a fact that totally explains why the ancient world was moving around Delos .

In this sacred place with no boundaries in Time and Space you are invited to take all the benefits out of Rebirthing. Join us in this unique experience!

Dates Sunday 20th July 2008 Duration

9.00: departure from Mykonos harbour

9.30: arrival in Delos

15.00: departure from Delos harbour

15.30: arrival in Mykonos 

Course Fee Bookings till June 30th: 110E (valid with money transfer)

Bookings after July 1: 150E

Ferry tickets to/from Delos, entrance tickets to the archaeological site and workshop fees included.

What to bring Cap/hat, water, light, loose clothes, a light jacket, a pair of light summer boots/snickers, sunscreen lotion. Note book and pen- blanket to sit on-snacks for the day Trainer John Stamoulos- assisted by Matoula Piscopani

The Breath work process releases the emotional, negative charge out of cell memory. The process causes integration of unresolved emotional, physical, mental and spiritual energies.  The primary result is an experience of clarity at a very core level.  The process empowers a person into choice and out of victim hood.

By learning to use breathing as a highly transformational tool (conscious connected circular breathing), you will learn how to free your physical and emotional body from energetic blockages resulting from traumatic or suppressed experience. Regular practice will energize you, enhance your wellbeing, your prosperity and support the growth of spiritual awareness.

Breath work is an action that inspires your full potential for joy, aliveness and peace in your life.

About John:

John has been travelling internationally for many years now, exploring, researching and sharing the many techniques for healing that he now practises.  He is devoted to continuing his education in healing and travels regularly on an international basis.  A sole parent whose long and extensive knowledge and skills in Bodywork and Breath work have deemed him as one of Australia΄s leading practitioners in both these areas, with credentials to prove it. John is a patient, loving and supportive gentleman who distinguish himself by his strong sense of worth and keen ability to lead people to a life of responsibility and trust.  With the motto he lives by "For things to change first I must change", John assists many in their search for change.  Since early childhood John has been intrigued with religion and has subsequently studied and explored many taking him to the far reaches of the globe.  In the early eighties came a life changing experience that he decided once and for all, "If I get serious about my life, then life will get serious with me".  That is just what happened!  John dove into metaphysics in America and upon arrival in Australia, experienced his first rebirth and has been training ever since.

His training has led him to work with many of the pioneers of Rebirthing and related work.  His training continues.  As the facilitator of many seminars and workshops for people of all walks of life, John is also a mentor and coach, making him the perfect trainer.  Life is a palette of colours from which to choose.  John's question to you is, Which colour will you choose?

About Matoula:

Matoula is a woman full of interests and lots of different activities. In business she was occupied with a variety of jobs a fact that gave her experience in all the levels and the opportunity to come in communication with people of different classes, nationalities, backgrounds. Her passion for art led her to take seminars and act and sing in concerts and performances as an amateur all over the islands of Greece .

When her life changed radically two times she experienced small deaths in emotional, psychological, practical, professional, financial level that turned her life upside down and urged her to start from scratch. It was then she felt the need to seek God.

Her esoteric journey started with Metaphysics, Meditations, conscious Hypnosis, Craniosacral Therapies, Reiki, Channelling, Holotropic Breathing, and Rebirthing. Each spiritual path was following one another in perfect synchronicity.

Her training gave her the benefit to work with leading people in Rebirthing, organising workshops assisting and translating. She keeps training herself by participating in self awareness programmes all over the world.

She is active on Reiki working on all levels (I, II, III), one of the pioneer Rebirthers in her country and the first Greek to enter the International Breath work Foundation (IBF), she is in service as a National Coordinator for her country.

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