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MykonosTour / Beauty Fitness Sports / Mykonos Scuba Diving

Mykonos Scuba Diving

Mykonos Scuba Diving

Mykonos Scuba Diving

There is a very good school in the beach of PARADISE . Also they have a varity of water sports.

They provide you the best equipment.

  • Theme: Scuba Diving
  • Address: PARADISE  beach
  • Scuba diving is the act of swimming underwater while using self-contained breathing apparatus.
     By carrying a source of compressed air, the scuba diver is able to stay underwater longer than
    with the simple breath-holding techniques used in Snorkeling and Free-diving, and is not hindered by air-lines
    to a remote air source. The scuba diver typically swims underwater by using fins attached to the feet. However,
    some divers also move around with the assistance of a DPV (Diver Propulsion Vehicle), commonly referred to as a "scooter",

  • or by using surface-tethered devices called sleds, which are pulled by a boat.
    Types of diving
    Divemaster ready to dive Shark and Yolanda reef at Muhammad, Sharm el-Sheikh.
    Scuba diving is still evolving, but general classifications have grown to describe various diving activities.
     These classifications include, but are not limited to:
  • Commercial diving
    Military diving
    Naval diving
    Police diving
    Professional diving
    Recreational diving
    Rescue & recovery diving
    Scientific diving
    Technical diving
    Cave diving
    Cavern diving
    Deep diving
    Ice diving
    Wreck diving
    From Wikipedia
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