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MykonosTour / General Information / The municipal Enterprise of Cultural Projection and Growth of Mykonos

The municipal Enterprise of Cultural Projection and Growth of Mykonos

The municipal Enterprise of Cultural Projection and Growth of Mykonos

The municipal Enterprise of Cultural Projection and Growth of Mykonos, it is activated from 1994. In this years it developed various and multifaceted action creating institutions of culture that give in the island cultural life and growth. In the activities of DEPPAM they are included: Municipal Art gallery. The acquaintance "art gallery on a level with the ground" home of Mykoniatissas of painter Maria Igglesi, is initially found in Matogianni, entertains periodical reports of painting, sculpture, photograph a with continuously more qualitative targets..The applications of attendance is become acceptable from September until March of each year. Contact with mr Roymelioti at the tel +30 22890 27190

In the Room of multiple uses of D.E.P.P.A.M. , capacity of 150 individuals, are organised lectures, meetings and scientific congresses, cinematographic projections, as well as various artistic and cultural events. Information at the tel+30 22890 27190Mrs Katerina Zoyganeli

Cinematographic projections. Sine Manto, is found in a garden in the centre of Mykonos, in to what n functions refreshment stand. Selected films A of projection and functions from beginning June until end October. Each year is published printed program. In order to get you informed or you register your publicity in the program tel +30 22890 27190Person in charge of communication Mrs Annita Giannopoyloy

Publications. Have been published books with historical, folklore and wider cultural interest content, that appear the diachronic values and beauties of island. Also monthly newspaper "Mykoniatis", documentary on Mykonos and Delos, musical publications "the children"s chorus sings Mykoniatika Kalanta" and "the Chorus of Mykonos sings Chatzidaki", and other. In order to you supply yourself the publication or to be are advertized in the newspaper Mykoniatis contact with the offices of DEPPAM Mrs Giannopoyloyat the tel +30 22890 27190

Figurative Laboratories of (Painting, photograph, mosaic, loom, ceramic) and departments of traditional dances for everyone. The courses are realised from October until March of each year. Information at the tel : +30 22890 27190 , person in charge of communication Mr Antonis Roymeliotis

Theatrical Team, the Theatrical Team of Mykonos, gives each year a representation, which is realised in the Room of multiple uses of DEPPAM in April. The rehearsals are realised from November until April of each year. Whoever is interested it can watch her rehearsals or even participate. Information at the tel : +30 22890 27190

Chorus of Adults, the Chorus of Mykonos, prepares each year a representation dedicated in big composers, participates in events of Municipality, while this year in June she organised in collaboration with the D.E.P.P.A.M. the 1st Choral Festival of Mykonos. Leading make in cultural facts of the island constitutes the institution of "Cultural Summertime" In the frames of this events selects artists and representations that we consider that they contribute in the cultural upgrade and entertainment of Mykonians and visitors of island. We indicatively report artists that have participated: Mimis Plessas, Layrentis Machairitsas, Helen Tsaligopoyloy, Michalis Chatzigiannis, Yannis Zoyganelis and appreciable theatrical representations as the National Children"s Scene and other.

Address: Metropolite Andronikoy,

Director: +30 22890 27190

Secretariat: +30 22890 27191

Art gallery: +30 22890 27791

Sine MANTO Garden Meletopoyloy: +30 22890 26165

Fax: +30 22890 27192

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