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MykonosTour / General Information / Mykonos Animals Friends

Mykonos Animals Friends

Mykonos Animals Friends
Friends of the Animals of Mykonos" is a volunteer group set up by Greeks and foreigners who reside on Mykonos Island. We all have families and/or are busy working people, but make time to help our four-legged friends trying to make their lives less miserable. This volunteer group has been going for many years.
Mykonos Animals Friends

Now we are hoping to become more organised and to expand our membership and volunteer base in order to achieve our goals. In the past we have had many non-Greek friends working very hard to control the population of stray cats; to try to stop the abandonment of dogs; and put an end to the unneccessary poisoning of so many innocent animals.

Many people previously involved, have since left the island and it has often been left to a few individuals to carry on themselves the never ending work. It is sad to see thousands of domestic cats reproducing without love or care and left to fend for themselves.
Mykonos Animals Friends.
In the summer, when taverna"s are open, many are well fed and get some attention. In the winter, however, many are running desperately around the island looking for food, getting killed by cars, poisoned or dying from cat flu or other diseases. This is why we believe we must make a change for the better and make our environment a safe and loving one for the animals, our children and for our guests who visit beautiful Mykonos. We also believe education needs to be a big part of the work. Many animals are abandoned in Greece generally, therefore they breed without limitation and live a poor quality life on the streets. We now are reuniting as a strong team and need your help. please read on...

Your support is of immense importance in whatever way you can. If we keep up the good work,better things can only happen for these animals and hopefully we will be able to work towards establishing a shelter so they are not living the hard life on the streets. Please give what you can and help make their lives a little less miserable.

Money is always the key issue so we can feed in the winter, innoculate against diseases, sterilize to prevent unwanted offspring and educate. If you can donate food, medicines, skills or even good advice, all is gratefully received.

If you have time on your holiday in Mykonos to help us please e-mail us or come to Pet Stop or Pet Shop and Care in Mykonos.

Mykonos Animals Friends

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