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MykonosTour / Shopping / Mykonos Art Studio Gallery

Mykonos Art Studio Gallery

Mykonos Art Studio Gallery

Art Studio Galery Mykonos

Magdalini Sakelaridi
22 Ag.Saranta str.
Goumeniou sqquare,
Mykonos, 846 00

Biographical note of Magdalini Sakelaridi
Magdalini Sakellaridi was born in Piraeus and raised in Volos. She started painting next to her parents , later she studied sketching for 3 years in the Scholl Xadjivaggelis. At the age of 16 she gained the first prize in Pan-Hellenic painting contest, with subject "The port of Volos".
At the age of 21 she finished her violin studies in the Hellenic Conservatory of Volos, next to her father, proffessor of Periclis Sakellaridis. For 16 years it will deal with the violin teaching and playing in the Symfonic Orchestra of Volos. At the same time she continued painting and in 1996 she decided to devote herself to painting.She opened her first studio in Volos, after in Skopelos and finally she came in Mykonos where it has organised art studio-Gallery in Goumenio Square, where it works and exposes, simultaneously.
Her subject is mostly the sea. She is painting on canvas and old wood, that she transforms in valuable piece of art.
She took part in a lot of personal and team art exhibitions. 
The themes and materials that Sakellaridi decides to blend are closely connected. The ssoft wood, heavy ison, the rustle of the olive branch, the sand, the pebble and the seashell, complete the mosaic of memories and nostalgia is fully intergrated work in plastic arts.
One might as well think, that under the stroke of her paint brush, the nature, the air, the sea, the light and the female sensitivity and intuition of the artist are subconciously repeated.

Elina Anthopoulou - Art Historian
BA Art History & Theory, Ma Gallery Studies,
University of Essex

Personal and Team Exhibitions :

1. "1st Maritime Salon of Thessalia" 1996, subject: "The bottom of the sea & Greek Islands", personal
2. Gallerie Athanasiou, Volos, 1996, personal
3. Cultural Organisation of the Municipality of Iolkos, "Theofilia "96", 1996, personal
4. Cultural Society of Spring, Athens, 1996, personal
5. Cultural Society of Makrinitsa, Pilion, 1996, team, (discrimination)
6. "Amateur Female Creation", 1996, team
7. Cleopatra Miramare, Damouchari Tsagarada, Pilion, 1998, personal
8. Community of Tsagarada, "Pilia "97", 1997, personal
9. "3o Maritime Salon of Thessalia", 1998, personal
10. Nanopoulios School of Tsagarada Pilion, 1998, personal
11. Cultural Centre of Municipality Thessaloniki, 5th municipal periphery, 1998, personal
12. Gallery ENOTIO, Volos, 1999, personal
13. Municipal Art Gallery of Mykonos, Mykonos, 1999, personal
14. Cultural Society of Municipality Athenians, "Routes", 1999, personal
15. Cultural Society of Spring, 2001, personal
16. Apollonia Sifnos, Municipality of Sifnos, 2001, personal
17. Municipality of Sifnos, 2002, personal
18. Art Gallery of Mykonos, 2002, personal
19. Art Gallery "Kanoula", Thessaloniki, 2003, personal
20. Municipality of Sifnos, Cultural Centre of Spring, 2004, personal.

Gallery it entertains the known sculptor Elen Mudie Ioannidou where artits on clay and bronze human forms and bodies, unique pieces in the all world. Also the Marble sculptor Ilia Zafeira with his unique inspirations from Greece then and today, also ceramic Basiliki Nikolaou acquaintance for stefania of olive from clay that they offered in Olympic Games 2004 in official calling.

Art Studio GALLERY
Magdalini Sakelaridi

22 Ag.Saranta str.
Goumeniou sqquare, Mykonos, 846 00

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