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MykonosTour / Restaurants Bars / Gastronomy guide to Mykonos Island Greece

Gastronomy guide to Mykonos Island Greece

Gastronomy guide to Mykonos Island Greece

Gastronomy guide to Mykonos Island Greece

MeNA ERCEL  ISTANBUL - Turkish Daily News

The Greek island of Mykonos is situated in the middle of the Aegean Sea and is one of the most popular and cosmopolitan travel destinations in the world. Famous for it nightlife, sandy beaches, charming port and gay friendly environment, Mykonos also offers world class restaurants and dining experiences… The island became popular in the 1960s when famous Hollywood celebrities like Marlon Brando and the first Lady of the United States Jackie Kennedy-Onassis visited the island. Since than the island has been visited by thousands of people and is today the most popular island on the Aegean Sea especially for celebrities like Paris Hilton, Jean Paul- Gaultier and Keith Richards. The following is a list of selective spots for wining and dining on Mykonos Island:

Matsuhisa Mykonos - Extremely trendy in New York City and London, the celebrity Chef Nobu Matsuhisa opened a venue in Mykonos a few years ago. Serving Japanese food with a Latin American twist, it is considered one of the most highly regarded restaurants in the world. The signature dish in Mykonos is the black cod fish with sweet miso. With a picturesque view of the city and modern, elegant architecture, it is a must try for gourmet individuals worldwide. Save up for this remarkable meal as the prices are between 60-80 euros per person. Open from June to September for dinner.

Aqua Taverna  A small tightly packed Italian restaurant in the seaside Little Venice area with only a few tables. Serving popular Mediterranean cuisines, Aqua is great for romantic evenings and slow sunsets. The risotto and steamed mussels are the most popular item on the menu amongst the locals as well as visitors. Tables start to fill up early, reservations are recommended. Open only for dinner. 

Nammos  Located on the posh and fashionable Psarou beach, Nammos is by far the hippest and most trendy dining area on Mykonos - by day and by night. Nammos gives the impression of an international jet set beach venue such as Club55 in St. Tropez. With the yachts in the harbor and several wealthy Athenians sipping wine and eating lobster, it might also remind some Turks of Turkbuku in Bodrum. Offering lunch on the beach as well as in the white washed, elegant interior area it serves international fare and Greek specialties. Dishes like lobster pumpkin risotto and signature desserts are very reputable. Open March through November for lunch and dinner.

Blue ginger The only Chinese Thai restaurant on Mykonos, located on top of the hill overlooking the port town. Although Blue Ginger offers both Chinese and Thai food, the mildly sweet Thai cuisines with various yellow and green curries is remarkable. A nice change from the souvlaki and typical Mediterranean dishes, it offers a nice view of the sunset as well. Open only for dinner and 15 percent off for take away.

Camares Bar Restaurant  A personal favorite of mine on the island. The menu might seem standard and typical while rather pricey, yet it is worth the cost. Located on the Taxi Square in downtown Mykonos, Camares has a pleasing view of the harbor. Offering fares all day long, and staying open until very late, the institution has been around for several years and is considered popular amongst the classy Greeks. For starters the tasty strifopita (twisted pie) stuffed with "tyrovolia," feta cheese and tomatoes are well liked. The seafood risotto for the main course and grilled ribs are impressive. And extensive wine menu is offered. The desserts are limited but extremely enjoyable. Especially the lime pie with almonds is noteworthy. Open all day from Easter through October.   

Nammos  Psarou Beach  Tel:  30-22890-22440

Matsuhisa Mykonos Belvedere Hotel School of Fine Arts District, 84600  Tel: +30 22890 25122 Fax: +30 22890 25126

Aqua Taverna  Little Venice, Mykonos Town  Tel:  30-22890-26083

Blue Ginger:  Argyraina 84600/ Opposite the Medical Center  Tel: +30 22890 27602 Take away: +30 22890 27602

Camares: Mavroyenous (Taxi) Square  Tel: + 30 22890 28-570 

Turkish daily news . Com article .php ? enewsid=80140

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